Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite Is Now The Recommended Test Management Tool For SAP Customers

Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite is now the recommended Test Management tool for SAP customers

SAP has stated that Test Suite 7.2 is ‘a comprehensive test solution fitting the needs of the vast majority of SAP customers and includes all capabilities for functional testing of business processes enabled by SAP and non-SAP applications’.

SAP also announced with the Solution Manager 7.2 rollout that SAP TAO and SAP Solution Manager Adapter for HP ALM have been removed from the SAP portfolio (“sunset”) and moved to bug fixing mode.

SAP added – ‘Customers with licenses and maintenance contract for these products can download versions compatible with SAP Solution Manager 7.2’.

After the initial rollout of SAP Test Suite 7.2 in SP03, SAP product teams engaged with users through “Customer Influence and Innovation” design and build of Test Suite and Process Management of new and enhanced functionality using customer requests. This resulted in additional functionality and enhancements Solution Manager releases with SP04, SP05 and just recently with SP06.

Solution Manager Test Suite delivers all that is needed for SAP and non-SAP Test Management Solutions

SAP SolMan Test Suite - Process Flow & Capabilities
  • All under one roof
    • ongoing data replication or integration setup are not required.
  • Integration to other Solution Manager application areas
    • project management
    • process management
    • defect and incident management
    • custom code management
    • change and release management
  • On premise, cloud and hybrid functional testing
  • Automated and manual tests for SAP and non-SAP processes
  • Change impact analysis
  • Test planning
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Supports requirements to deploy agile and waterfall development approaches, including Enterprise DevOps

Manual and automated tests are added to Process Step and Business Process Libraries in Solution Documentation.

SAP SolMan Test Suite - Interface

Next Test Cases are selected form the Solution Documentation structure / hierarchy to create a Test Plan for a release, upgrade, enhancement, or other change events. Test Plans can automatically be created Change Impact Analysis Test Scope Optimization.

SAP SolMan Test Suite - Interface

Once created either manually or automatically. Test Plans such as standard repetitive regression tests used on a regular schedule can be copied to create the plan for another relase or cycle.

When Test Case selection is complete for End to End (E2E) Manual Test Scenarios, Test Sequences tab is selected to assign order which the test steps will be executed by selected testers with know-how in each functional area. During test execution notifications are sent upon a completion of a step to the next tester.

From the Test Plan Test Packages tab, multiple Test Packages are assigned for each Test Plan.  Examples of packages are: 1) by E2E manual scenarios 2) Automated E2E scenarios for off hours test runs and 3) by functional work stream. Tester assignments are made at this for sequences and packages to complete the Test Plan setup activities.

The entry point for Test Suite Test Execution in Solution Manager is Tester Worklist.  From here a manual or automated tests are launched for execution.

SAP SolMan Test Suite - Tester Worklist

The Test Suite Manual Test Execution screen has been completely rebuilt for Test Suite 7.2. From the Test Execution View, all the information can be accessed – test script, test data, attachments and notes, results from co-testers for E2E scenarios.  Test notes, test results, and defects can be created here as well as setting of statues (pass / fail / etc.).

Test Suite Manual Test Execution – Tabular View

Test Suite Manual Test Execution – Tabular View

Test Suite Automated Test Execution can be triggered by the Test Coordinator or by scheduled job. Composite Tests for E2E business processes use 1 or a combination of test automation tools. Multiple Tests can be scheduled in mass for overnight runs.

SAP SolMan Test Suite - Tester Worklist

Testers create Test Suite Defects during test execution. The standard workflow process for defects is integrated with ITSM.

SAP SolMan Test Suite - Create Message

Test Execution Analytics and Reports are comparable to the Dashboard Module in HP ALM and consist of gap and completeness reports to check Test Suite Assets like test cases, TBOMs, etc. Test Execution Analytics provide assessment of test status and Progress Analytics for measuring test execution progress.

Test Suite Analytics Overview

Test Suite Analytics Overview

Test Suite Gap and Completeness Reports

Test Suite Gap and Completeness Reports

Test Suite Analytics and Progress Analytics

Test Suite Analytics and Progress Analytics

Test Suite Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) tests are composed from test components – not single command lines – with a flow that corresponds to the business process steps. CBTA supports SAP UI technologies: SAPGUI, WD-ABAP, CRM Web-Client, SAPUI5, Fiori, etc

CBTA runs within SAP Solution Manager integrated with Solution Documentation Requirements, Change Impact Analysis, Test Defect Management, Change and Release Management.

CBTA Test Repository – Test Configuration (Automated Test Cases)

CBTA Test Repository – Test Configuration (Automated Test Cases)

For non-SAP test automation, partner test tools integrated with Test Suite include HP UFT and Worksoft.

Test Suite Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA) and Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) derive test scope and optimizes effort for regression tests.  Manual and Automated Tests and impacted identified as impacted and in scope reduce the time needed to repair those tests need repairing for testing releases, enhancement and support pack stacks, legal changes, and transformation projects. Tests identified by Test Scope Optimization are used to automatically create a Test Plan.

SAP SolMan Test Suite - SEA and BPCA

What are the benefits and value proposition of using SAP Test Suite 7.2?

With the new functionalities, SAP Test Suite 7.2 has evolved into a full blown application for manual / automated testing and change impact analysis. Test Suite builds a better framework for testing, a systematic approach to functional testing and creates a structured methodology to support successful testing initiatives. Utilizing ITIL based disciplines for testing best practices, Test Suite delivers scalable and faster test procedures, eliminating errors that would otherwise make it into production.

Together with Solution Manager 7.2, Test Suite offers the following value:

  • Seamless Integration with all Solution Manager 7.2 applications – Change and Release, Portfolio, Project, etc.
  • Identification of Test Scope and significant reduction of test effort with Change Impact Analysis (BPCA, SEA)
  • Risk-based testing approach with Test Scope Optimization (TSO) for large change events
  • Test Suite and SAP Solution Manager 7.2 are built to support S/4 Hana implementations.
  • Improved testing efficiency by knowing what to test when and managing test cases and test progress efficiency
  • State of the art test automation with low maintenance for automated test scripts

At CoreALM we help our SAP customer review the current and future test management requirements and develop a road map and strategy for transitioning to Test Suite 7.2 or improving test management capabilities by getting the most of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite. If you’d like to learn more about Test Suite or how you can benefit from the adoption of Solution Manager in your organization, we have a series of workshops you can view.

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