Automated and Manual Test Case Development, Execution using SAP Solution Manager Test Suite


        Larry Wilson
SAP Solution Manager Test Management and CBTA Automation



      Fisnik Veseli
SAP Solution Manager Process Management and Focused Build Coach

Test Cases and Test Automation Scripts are the basic elements for testing your SAP systems. How are you currently managing their content, their access, their usability, or rolling up their status as part of an SAP change or development? Are you still using word or excel files to manage them? Did you know that SAP Solution Manager and Focused Build offers numerous ways to improve upon the creation and execution of both manual and automated test scripts?

This workshop will introduce options to move the basic building block of SAP testing to the next level and cover the following: 

  1. How you can leverage SAP Solution Manager test suite for:  
    • Unit Test 
    • Single Functional Test 
    • Acceptance Test 
    • Functional Integration Test
    • Regression Test
    • Performance Test 
  2. Common problems/questions/concerns with managing your SAP test scripts 
  3. Better alternatives to a word and excel available in SAP Solution Manager, SAP Focused Build and Test Suite 
  4. How can a company use Solution Manager’s tools to drive maximum efficiency and compliance within all aspects of SAP testing  
  5. Live Demo  

We hope that by watching this workshop, you are able to realize a better method for your SAP testing. Register below to watch this workshop!